Oman Tourist Visa Procedure, guideline, Fees and Document required Oman Visit Visa

Oman Tourist Visa / Visit Visa Procedure and guideline- Those who wish to visit Sultanate of Oman require Oman Visit Visa. Process of securing a visa for Oman is relatively hassle-free.

Tourist visas for Oman are especially easy to come by, and although the process of securing employment visas for expats in Oman requires a lot of paperwork, most of this is undertaken by the expat’s Omani employer.

Tourist Visa Granted by the competent authority to the foreigner who wishes to visit the Sultanate for tourism, in order to authorize the holder to enter and stay in the country for a period of one month maybe extended for a similar period, as follows:

Terms and Condition and Fees for Oman Tourist visa / Visit Visa

  • Valid for use within six months from the date of issuance.
  • Valid for staying in the country for a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of entry.
  • Number of trips: one trip only.
  • May be extended for a similar period.
  • Fees: (20) Omani Riyals.
  • Fine: Upon expiration of the visa (10) ten Riyals for each day of delay.
  • If the validity of the visa is for (10) days, the fees will be (RO5). It can also be extended to similar periods at the same charge per period.

Procedures for the issuing of a tourist visa in Oman of the country list No. (1)

  • From all representations of the Sultanate of abroad without local sponsorship.
  • All the legal entries.
  • From the Directorate General of Passports and Residence or any branch thereof at the regional police commands.
  • Submission of electronic application form by a local sponsor, under his responsibility (one of the tourist companies or offices or hotels licensed for a tourist).

Procedures for the issuing a Oman tourist visa, out of the list of No. (1)

Issuing this type of visa Department of Passports and Residence, or one of its branches in region areas at the request of a local sponsor, (one of the tourist companies or offices or hotels licensed for the same) and in the following manner:

  • Submission of electronic visa application form local sponsor, under the responsibility of (one of the tourist companies or offices or hotels licensed for tourism).
  • Enclose a letter from the sponsor a foreigner sponsorship application guarantor or approved by the sponsor or the authorized signature and sealed with the seal of the institution.
  • copy of valid commercial registration, chamber of commerce certificate and a copy of signature authorization to be enclosed.
  • Enclose copy of the foreigner passport and should be valid not less than six months.
  • Two photographs (4 x 6) cm.


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UAE visit Visa New Rule – Do not exit to renew your Visa
UAE visit Visa New Rule –Do not exit to renew your Visa
UAE visit Visa New Rule states that those who are in visit no need to exit country, to change their visa from visit to employment or resident visa. Rule revealed by UAE ministry of interiors on January . Because of old rule, who got new job, they have to go to Other country like Oman or Iran or home country to change visa.

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Bahrain Visit Visa Procedure and Fees eVisa Bahrain Details
To visit Bahrain require Bahrain visit visa for all national except for gulf nationals (GCC countries). Travelers must have a passport that is valid for at least six months. New Bahrain visit visa policy complimented on October 2014,  that makes it easier for incoming travelers to get Bahrain visas. However, travelers from approved countries can now get their visas online or when they arrive in the country.

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UAE family Visa -Pocedure,fees,Rules Dubai,Abudhabi,sharjah Guide
uae family visa

UAE family Visa- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc
If you are working in Employment/residence Visa or Businessman Visa in any emirates in uae like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc. and planning bring your family. You should apply for Family residence Visa. If your family members (usually wife and children) are outside the UAE, you must first apply for an entry residence visa and after they arrive, you have up to 30 days to apply for the residence stamp.
UAE family visa-Terms and Condition
Your monthly salary should not be less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 + accommodation. If you want to sponsor a residence visa for your parents, your minimum monthly salary should be AED 10,000. See residence visa for parents separately.
UAE family visa-Document Required –UAE family visa Requirements
• Typed Application form
• Salary certificate (for government employee) or attested work contract (other employees)
• 3 months bank statement for long-time residents. New residents can submit 1 month bank statement or bank letter confirming salary transfer.
Attested tenancy contract, Emirates ID card and labour card
• Marriage certificate that has been attestedby UAE authorities (for UAE marriages) or in your home country for spouse sponsorship
• Passports (original) and copies of both sponsor and family member/s
• Medical check-up report of spouse or children over 15 years of age from authorized hospital/clinic
• 3 passport photos of family member
UAE Family Visa Fees


• AED 310 Application fee + typing fees per family member
• AED 15 Empost label (Optional)
uae residence visa

UAE family Visa Procedure

1. Ensure that you take your spouse/child over 15 for a health check-up and obtain a Medical Certificate.
2. Go to any authorized typing office & get application form typed and pay the fees.
3. Go to GDRFA and submit application form, along with supporting documents to receive the residence visa stamp on your family member’s passport.
Please Note: For your family member’s residence visa to remain valid, he/she must not be out of the UAE for more than 6 months. In case a Muslim expatriate has married more than one wife, he can only obtain one residency visa.
For more information, visit GDRFA or call their friendly Amer Toll free service on 800-5111

The Medical Test:
The medical examination contains blood test and x-ray of the chest and will cost AED 290. There is no medical examination for ages below 15 years.After the successful Medical Test, you will receive you Fitness certificate in 48 hours. At this time you will also receive an SMS notifying you of the test results.
Health Insurance:
Health Insurance has been made mandatory in UAE and you will be required to take insurance for the family, once the medical tests are done.
Emirates ID:
You will then need to apply for Emirates ID if you already do not have. Go to EIDA (Emirates ID)
center and wait for your turn. You should already be having application typed at an authorized typing center for Emirates ID. Emirates ID will cost you AED 270 per applicant and is mandatory.
The Residence Visa stamping process
While you Emirates ID is under process take your Medical Fitness certificate and approach typing center for typing to stamp the residence visa on your passport. Once the typing is completed, visit the immigration department and present the typed form. Take the original passports for this purpose. The officer at the counter will stamp the passports with UAE residence visa. The visas will be stamped immediately for Urgent applications. For normal applications, you will have to collect the passports the following day. In case of failed medical examination you will be required to exit the country with immediate effect if you are found unfit post the medical examination.

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