Emirates ID Card Details, Procedure, Fees, Documents Required Guide

It is mandatory for all citizens and expatriate residents of the UAE to have an Emirates ID card. Emirates ID card is an electronic identification card issued by the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA). It contains an electronic chip that stores vital information about the cardholder such as name, date of birth, nationality, marital status, photo, fingerprint data, electronic signature etc.

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Emirates Islamic Bank Personal Loan- EIB UAE Dubai Minimum salary AED 5000

Are you planning to get a personal loan in any Emirates of UAE Emirates Islamic Bank personal loan will be an option if your salary is 5000 AED. No salary Transfer required for personal Loan in Emirates Islamic bank (EIB).

Emirates Islamic bank branches available in all emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Qaiwain. Details to get personal loan are mentioned below

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Union National Bank Personal loan- UNB UAE personal bank loan with minimum salary 5000 AED

United National Bank Personal loan or UNB Personal loan UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Al-ain with best interest rates Islamic finance and Introducer offers.

UNB UAE provide Personal loan if you have basic salary of 5000 and more. Most of the bank in uae required minimum salary of 5000 AED to get personal Loan. But UNB provide best interest rates and introducery personal loan offers.

Only condition they are requesting is salary transfer should be done. Details to get personal loan are mentioned below


Minimum Salary AED 5000
Salary Transfer YES
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer Yes
Features: Islamic Finance, Introducer offers
Flat Rate 2.77%
Reducing Rate 4.99%


union national bank personal loan

Union National Bank Personal loan- UNB UAE personal bank loan with minimum salary 5000 AED

Union National Bank Personal loan Features – personal loan uae 5000 salary

  • High loan amounts upto 20 times of monthly salary*
  • High repayment period of upto 48 months*
  • Low monthly installment
  • Competitive interest rates*
  • Up to 4 installment postponements per year*
  • Free credit card

Introductory Offer: Monthly lucky draws where 1 customer can win loan amount back (capped at AED 120,000 max) and 10 customers can win their instalment amounts back (capped at AED 5,000 max)

  • Starting from 4.99% p.a. reducing
  • Islamic finance option is available by Al Wifaq
  • Maximum tenor is 48 months
  • Maximum loan amount up to 20 times of monthly gross salary
  • Special offer for ADNOC group employees
  • Processing fee 1% (Min. AED 500 and Max. AED 2,500)
  • Insurance for full tenor at 0.8%

Union National Bank Personal loan Eligibility

  • Minimum Salary required is AED 5000

Union National Bank Personal loan more details

24-hour Call Centre on 600-566-665 from within the UAE Or +97126930120 from outside the UAE.

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ADCB Personal Loan in uae with minimum salary 8000 and good interest rate

ADCB Personal Loan -Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Personal loan in uae for basic Salary 8000 AED or more without salary Transfer and best interest rates.

ADCB provide Personal loan for all expatriates and nationals in all emirates in uae like dubai, Abudhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al Khaima, Umm al Quwine and Fujeirah if you have basic salary of AED 8000 and more. They are offering best interest rates and attarctive offers with .

Personal Loans are a great way to support your urgent financial needs. With benefits ranging across a wide spectrum, an ADCB Personal Loan is a perfect partner in times of happiness as well as in need. These loans can be availed with least amount of hassle and documentation. Overdraft facility that’s available with these loans makes them a preferred alternative among loan seekers.

There are two types of personal loans offered by ADCB, the first is for nationals of the country while the other is for expatriates residing in UAE. Both types of loans come at attractive interest rates and offer a long repayment tenure.

  • ADCB Personal Loan for UAE Nationals
  • ADCB Personal Loan for Expatriates

adcb personal loan

Minimum Salary AED 8000*
Salary Transfer No
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer No
Features: Free Credit Card,  Internet Banking
Flat Rate 8.89%*
Reducing Rate 16.00%*

*Basic Salary and Interes rates are are set by the service provider and may be subject to change.

Personal Loan Calculator ADCB UAE


ADCB Personal Loan Features

  • No salary transfer requirements
  • Loan amount up to AED 200,000
  • Flexible repayment tenures up to 48 months
  • Quick approvals
  • Simple documentation
  • A free ADCB Credit Card
  • TouchPoints rewards which can be redeemed for shopping and airline tickets

ADCB Personal Loan Documents Required

  • Proof of salary income- Latest salary certificate or carbonized pay slip
  • Valid passport and visa page
  • Bank Statements (Latest 3 months)
  • One undated security cheque (only for Expatriate customers)
  • UAE DDA (Direct Debit Authority) Form duly signed
  • Emirates ID card copy

ADCB Personal Loan Extra

Total charge for credit – AED 710

ADCB Personal Loan More Info


More Details

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UAE family Visa -Pocedure,fees,Rules Dubai,Abudhabi,sharjah Guide
uae family visa

UAE family Visa- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc
If you are working in Employment/residence Visa or Businessman Visa in any emirates in uae like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc. and planning bring your family. You should apply for Family residence Visa. If your family members (usually wife and children) are outside the UAE, you must first apply for an entry residence visa and after they arrive, you have up to 30 days to apply for the residence stamp.
UAE family visa-Terms and Condition
Your monthly salary should not be less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 + accommodation. If you want to sponsor a residence visa for your parents, your minimum monthly salary should be AED 10,000. See residence visa for parents separately.
UAE family visa-Document Required –UAE family visa Requirements
• Typed Application form
• Salary certificate (for government employee) or attested work contract (other employees)
• 3 months bank statement for long-time residents. New residents can submit 1 month bank statement or bank letter confirming salary transfer.
Attested tenancy contract, Emirates ID card and labour card
• Marriage certificate that has been attestedby UAE authorities (for UAE marriages) or in your home country for spouse sponsorship
• Passports (original) and copies of both sponsor and family member/s
• Medical check-up report of spouse or children over 15 years of age from authorized hospital/clinic
• 3 passport photos of family member
UAE Family Visa Fees


• AED 310 Application fee + typing fees per family member
• AED 15 Empost label (Optional)
uae residence visa

UAE family Visa Procedure

1. Ensure that you take your spouse/child over 15 for a health check-up and obtain a Medical Certificate.
2. Go to any authorized typing office & get application form typed and pay the fees.
3. Go to GDRFA and submit application form, along with supporting documents to receive the residence visa stamp on your family member’s passport.
Please Note: For your family member’s residence visa to remain valid, he/she must not be out of the UAE for more than 6 months. In case a Muslim expatriate has married more than one wife, he can only obtain one residency visa.
For more information, visit GDRFA or call their friendly Amer Toll free service on 800-5111

The Medical Test:
The medical examination contains blood test and x-ray of the chest and will cost AED 290. There is no medical examination for ages below 15 years.After the successful Medical Test, you will receive you Fitness certificate in 48 hours. At this time you will also receive an SMS notifying you of the test results.
Health Insurance:
Health Insurance has been made mandatory in UAE and you will be required to take insurance for the family, once the medical tests are done.
Emirates ID:
You will then need to apply for Emirates ID if you already do not have. Go to EIDA (Emirates ID)
center and wait for your turn. You should already be having application typed at an authorized typing center for Emirates ID. Emirates ID will cost you AED 270 per applicant and is mandatory.
The Residence Visa stamping process
While you Emirates ID is under process take your Medical Fitness certificate and approach typing center for typing to stamp the residence visa on your passport. Once the typing is completed, visit the immigration department and present the typed form. Take the original passports for this purpose. The officer at the counter will stamp the passports with UAE residence visa. The visas will be stamped immediately for Urgent applications. For normal applications, you will have to collect the passports the following day. In case of failed medical examination you will be required to exit the country with immediate effect if you are found unfit post the medical examination.

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