Good Conduct Certificate Dubai Abu Dhabi How to Get Procedure Fees and Document Required

Good Conduct Certificate Dubai Abudhabi How to Get Procedure Fees and Document Required

How, Fees and document required for Good Conduct Certificate for New Jobs in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

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To ensure UAE as the safest country to work, the committee in charge of implementing the Cabinet resolution had issue notification to produce Good Conduct Certificate for new jobs in UAE. Whether you have got jobs in  Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Al ain or Fujeirah you have to get a certificate of good conduct. As we know that Majority of Expats in the United Arab Emirates are Indians, Filipinos Pakistani Bangladeshi and Sri Lankans. All expatriates required to submit conduct certificate from 2018 onward while joining for new jobs to obtain a work visa in the United Arab Emirates.

This certificate is only for workers and not for dependents. Also, the certificate is not required for Those who are coming to the country on a visit visa or student visas.

So What it mean by Good conduct certificate

Good conduct certificate meaning is that a document or certificate issued by authorised police department head to verify applicant criminal background is clear.

How to Get Good Conduct Certificate 

If an expatriate comes to the United Arab Emirates as a new employee then employee have to get a certificate from home country before the visa can be issued.If he /she coming directly from home country then they have to produce a certificate from concern police department from their home country. If employee coming from other than home country then they have to get a certificate from the country where he works or reside in past 5 years

Also, the certificate is not mandatory if an existing expatriate or resident while switching jobs within UAE. But if the employer is requesting the certificate then they have to apply to the respective police department in different emirates. If the employer is working in Dubai switching jobs with a new employer within Dubai then they have to get a certificate from Dubai police department. Similar in case of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or in any Emirates.

Also, The recent notification saying that Filipinos not required to go to Dubai police stations for conduct certificate if they are currently residing or working in UAE. Philippine Consulate implemented a new system that will help Filipinos in the UAE to get good conduct certificate faster.

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How to apply for Good Conduct Certificate in Dubai

To get conduct certificate from UAE you have to contact Dubai police department. Also, you can fill online and download the application for good conduct certificate form from Dubai police website. Click Here for official procedure and fees details. Police Stations and General Department of Criminal Investigation (CID) of Emirates in UAE like Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah, Ajman together will verify crime record of the applicant.

good conduct certificate sample application form dubai

Hence the applicant can apply for the certificate through online, enhanced method like emailing or traditional offline method like over the Counter.

  1. Online Application form –  It will available 24×7 service and process will take less than 5 minute
  2. Post – Applicant can send email to by attaching your certified fingerprint, together with the transaction number and required attachments
  3. Over the counter – Applicant can also submit the required documentation. service available from Sunday to Thursday and timing is 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Procedure will take approximate 15 minute
  4. MobileDubai Police Smart Apps 24×7 service and the process will take less than 5 minutes. An employee can apply through Smart Mobile Application & Mobile version. To Apply via mobile click here for website

Document Required to apply for Good Conduct Certificate

  1. Valid Emirates ID
  2. Active e-mail address

Requirements for getting conduct Certificate

Applicant’s Fingerprints is required to get the certificate in one of the Police Stations or Department of Criminal Investigation. Because it is required to verify Criminal Record of the applicant in order to get this certificate.

Fees for getting Good conduct certificate Dubai

Description Fees
Certificate – UAE National 100 AED
Certificate – Resident 200 AED
Certificate – From Outside the Country 300 AED
Knowledge Fee 10 AED
Innovation Fee 10 AED

Dubai Police Service Center

Email: Customer Care Email
Phone: Customer Care Phone Call 901
Fax: Customer Care Fax 042171717
Customer Care Working Hours: 24 hours

How to apply for Good Conduct Certificate in Abu Dhabi

Follow steps as listed below to get Good conduct certificate in Abu Dhabi

Applicant Within UAE:

  1. Submit the application along with the required documents at the Customer Service Section in the police station.
  2. Pay the fees by e-Dirham or visa card.
  3. Receive the certificate by Empost or immediately in case of submitting the urgent application.

Applicant Outside UAE:

  1. Get fingerprints taken at any police station within the country of residence.
  2. Attest the fingerprint card by the UAE embassy in the country of residence.
  3. Send the application along with the required documents to the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police, P.O. Box 253.
  4. Receive the certificate by Empost.

Required documents for getting Good Conduct certificate from Abu Dhabi

  1. Emirates ID – Original and Copy
  2. Passport Original and Copy
  3. Original Letter from the Party or employer requesting certificate
  4. Copy of UAE residency visa in case the applicant is outside the UAE
  5. One Personal Photo

Fees for getting Good conduct certificate Abu Dhabi

Fee Value (in AED)
For applicants residing within  UAE
Good conduct certificate 50 by e-Dirham or Visa card
15 by Empost
Good conduct certificate issuance on urgent basis 100 by e-Dirham or Visa card
For applicants residing outside UAE
Good conduct certificate 53 AED paid in cash
Translation to English 100 AED paid in cash
Accreditation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 300 AED paid in cash
Accreditation by the Ministry of Interior 50 AED paid in cash
Empost 30 AED paid in cash

Abu Dhabi Police Service Center

Phone: +971 2 419 4521
P.O. Box: 253
Customer Service: Customer Service Centres in the following Police Stations:
Abu Dhabi: Al Madinah police station, Al Shabiya, Al Khalidiya, Mussafah, Bani Yas, Khalifa A, Al Rahba.Al Ain: Al Jimi police station, Industrial police station.Western Region: Bida Zayed police station, Department of Criminal Evidence Tarif Laboratory

Click Here for Official Information

Application for certificate of good conduct (outside the United Arab Emirates) in India

In India, Good conduct certificate or Police clearance certificate can get from district police commissioner office. Also, Kerala police department notified that police clearance for UAE visas can issue within 14 days in normal cases. As well as Keralite will get the application form from district police head office. District police chief is authorised to issue police clearance certificate after verifying respectively person background with the help of special police branch. Also, after issuing certificate they have to get attestation from UAE embassy in order make the certificate valid in UAE. Fee for issuing certificate will be 1000 Rupees.

If the employee is working in other Gulf countries or outside the home country for past 5 years and planning to move to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman or any other emirates then they have to get a clearance certificate from the respective countries police department.

Good Conduct Certificate Dubai Abu Dhabi How to Get Procedure Fees and Document Required
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