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ADIB Personal Loan-Abu dhabi Islamic bank UAE Abu dhabi with minimum salary 3000 AED

ADIB Personal Loan -personal loan in uae 3000 salary -personal loan minimum salary 4000 AED -personal loan in uae 3500 salary

ADIB provide Personal loan if you have basic salary of 3000 ,3500, 4000, 4500 and more. Most of the bank in uae required minimum salary of 5000 AED to get personal Loan. but in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank even if your basic salry less than 5000 AED you are eligible for personal loan. Only condition they are requesting is salary transfer should be done . Details to get personal loan are mentioned below

Minimum Salary AED 8000
Salary Transfer YES
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer No
Features: Islamic Finance
Flat Rate 3.30%
Reducing Rate 6.25%

ADIB Personal Loan Calculator

ADIB Personal Loan Features -personal loan in uae 3000 salary

  • Freedom of trading with the shares at your will (after purchasing them from ADIB)
  • 1% Processing Fees (Min AED 500 and Max AED 2,500)
  • Very attractive finance amount
  • Highly competitive profit rate
  • Repayment period of up to 48 months
  • No installment for the first three months
  • Free postponement option
  • Free ADIB VISA Cashback Card


ADIB Loan Eligibility

  • Age criteria- 21 Years
  • Minimum Salary – AED 3000
  • Length of Service – Confirmed or 6 months

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Personal Loan More information

Minimum Salary -personal loan in uae 3000 salary

AED 3000 per month

Age criteria

UAE Nationals:  Min. 21 Years; Max. 65 Years (at maturity of Finance)
Expatriates:  Min. 21 Years; Max. 60 Years (at maturity of Finance)

Length of Service

UAE Nationals: Confirmed or 3 months
Expatriates: Confirmed or 6 months

DOCUMENTS YOU NEED: -personal loan in uae 3000 salary

  • Original and copy of valid passport (with valid residence visa for expatriates)
  • Original and copy of valid Emirates ID
  • Bank account statement (last 3 months)

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  1. Hi i have basic salary of 3200 plus accomodation 2500 i am elegible for loan?

    • Hi, ADIB provides personal loan for a minimum salary of AED 5000, But there are other banks like DIB, RAK Bank and few more to provide personal loans for salary AED 3000. in those banks you would be eligible for the loan.

  2. But sir ADIB is not giving loan to me i have salary of 5500 AEd why

  3. Sir
    My name is sajid javed
    My monthly salary is 3500 AED
    I get personal loan

  4. Hi, my salary is 3000 dhs i am looking for a loan 20000dhs and I have an account in DIB but my company is not listed .so there is any chance to get the loan


  6. Man Bahadur Tamang

    Dear Admin,

    Please kindly check if M.H. Alshaya company is listed for personal loan my monthly salary 4000 AED.

    Thank You!

  7. – Your Name: mohamed Rizwan
    – Mobile Number : 0553101256.
    – Company Name: al shaya starbucks.
    – Salary:3800.
    – Any Loan or Cards:no
    – In which bank you receive your salary : emirates islamic bank
    – Nationality :- sri lankan.

  8. hi, my salary is 12500 but I have existing loan with RAKBANK, I want to transfer my loan to ADIB, please let me know the procedure. thanks!

  9. Hi my salary is 3000 a month and im using ADIB bank.i want to apply personal loan.please reply

    • hi, in Adib you need a minimum salary of AED 8000 for a personal loan. Try in other banks like Dubai Islamic Bank, they provide loans for minimum salary AED 3000.

  10. Just want to ask ?my current salary is 4200 Aed is it possible to take a loan?

    • hi, in Adib you need a minimum salary of AED 8000 for a personal loan. You can get a loan easily in Dubai Islamic bank for your salary.

  11. Hello my basic is 2500 and special allowance of 500. and have housing allowance of 1000 and service charge 300. Would like to loan like 25K-30K. Can you help me?

  12. Hello , my basic salary is 2770 AED. Along with all the reqular OT my salary is 3200. But we can get the salary certificate if just 2770/- Is it posaible for me to apply for the loan? If yes which bank accepts and what are the requirements.

    Thank you and hope to get the feed back ASAP.

  13. My basic salary is 3500 + 1165 house allowance + 600 up to 1000 incentive + 500 up to 1000 target achievement.. ..average 6000 Dirham
    What is the cash amount that i can apply for ?

  14. Nagendran Ranganathan

    Dear sir I need personal loan my salary 3750ad working company alhosn gas in Abudhabi anny possible loan contact my no -0567842006

    • Hi, you can get a personal loan in other banks like Dubai Islamic Bank, RAK Bank etc which provide loans for minimum salary AED 3000. In ADIB you need a minimum salary of AED 8000 for a personal loan.

  15. sir I am working in fast rent a car my monthly salary is 4050 I am getting air tickets after every 3 months 1980 in our project benefit we have free accommodation food transport medical
    but company is not giving any proof its already in offer letter I have my bank statement of whole year can I get loan

  16. hi i want to have bank loan.. my salary is 3,150 aed but my length of service in my campony is 3 months i have certificate that i passed my probitionary period. i have dib card. i worked for 2 years in mcdonald i have 3 months bank statement in nbad.. so i am eligible for loan

  17. my salary is 3,150 aed my company is al ahlia general trading co. “la brioche” it is listed in dib bank.. my length of service in the campony is 3 months i past my probitionary period and i have certificate from my company. i work for two years in mcdonalds before and i have nbad 3 months bank statement. so i am eligible to have loan? 0566506221

  18. mam/sr. i just want to ask if your giving a loan for earning salry of 4000 dirhams for adib

  19. hi may salary is 2250 dhs its possible to get loan

    • Hi, In ADIB to get a personal loan you need to have a minimum salary of AED 8000. Even other banks like Dubai Islamic Bank, RAK Bank which are known for providing loans for a low salary, you need a minimum salary of AED 3000.

  20. Hi My Salary is 4100 i want apply for loan.

    • Dear Nilesh,

      you can apply

    • Dear Nilesh,

      Abu Dhabi Islamic bank personal loan eligibility has been changed. please find details

      Minimum Salary

      AED 8000 per month

      Age​ criteria

      UAE Nationals: Min. 21 Years; Max. 65 Years (at maturity of Finance)
      Expatriates: Min. 21 Years; Max. 60 Years (at maturity of Finance)

      Length of Se​​​rvice

      UAE Nationals: Confirmed or 3 months​​​​​
      Expatriates: Confirmed or 6 months​​​​​​

  21. Jesus D Llorico

    Dear sir, my salary is 3500, can I get a personal loan in your bank?

  22. Hi, I want To apply for a personal loan, without salary transfer. My month salary is AED 3500.00. My salary is credited to CBI Bank.

  23. Dear Sir,

    i just want know can i get loan from ADIB bank now my salary is 3250 AED as i want a loan of AED 25000

  24. dear admin I just wanna know can i get loan from ADIB bank now my salary is 3300 aed and my account is under your bank could you please confirm i will get loan from your bank or not ???

  25. Hi My salary is 4600+ transport + accommodation can i get the loan

  26. My Salary 3000 AED+F/A salary transfer to bank ADIB l need same loan

  27. Hi , My total salary is AED 7500 which is transferring to my ADIB account every month as 4000 through WPS and 1500 as cash deposit and 2000 as mobile transfer and more over I get company accommodation with free of cost . Am I eligible to apply for a personal loan ? If yes , can you advice me the limit of amount and the terms and conditions if any ?

  28. Good eve. May salary is 4000 aed can I get a loan

  29. Mark Anthony priagola

    Hi…my salary is 2900 + overtime 300aed free transport occomodation and food possible to make me a loan

  30. i have loan in dubai islamic bank,can i transfer my loan to adib,my total salary is 3300,thanks

  31. Hi can I apply my salary is 3300

  32. Hi, may salary is 3000 Aed free accommodation and transpo. is it possible to get a loan?

  33. Joel Rosete Escoto

    Good morning Sir, I want to apply personal loan but my salary 3800 a month + my allowance 1000, can I apply loan or not thank,..

  34. Dear Sir,

    I have previous loan in ADIB and the maturity date until Dec2017, I am planning to take top up loan. Could they provide me a top up loan?

  35. John Roger Bulasa

    hi can i apply loan my salary 4000 plsua ccomodation i nedd loan 15,
    000 call my number 0529842525

  36. Hi sir
    I need loan my salary 4500
    Plz call 0554278464

  37. My Salary is 13,000 AED. can I receive a loan for $115,000?

  38. i am working in al futtaim salary 5000 can i get loan from your bank my mobile 055-7161109

  39. Dear Sir,
    I have monthly basic salary of 1500 dhs + transportation + overtime + accommodation. I need loan amount for 20000 dhs. Can I get the loan for this amount?

  40. i am geting 2000+1250 =3250 per.month i am a security can i take a lone of 40000. thousend any bank

  41. my salary is 3800 plus 5% comission it possible to me get some loan please contact me 0529854401

  42. noli sarita bacla-an

    Hello Sir, can i top up my loan its emergency purposes, hope you can help me, i’m your customer already but i don’t have contact from your side.

  43. John Roger Bulasa

    my salary is 4000 can i apply personal loan 0529842525

  44. I have salary of 4500 its is posible i can load in ADIB

  45. dear

    my salary 4200 AED and i need loan how can i get ??

  46. Hello sir im havin account at adib and my salary is 3700 am i possible to get loan? Thank u

  47. HI i want to loan in DIB but that is the problem my company is none listed in DIB what i will for that thank u

  48. i have salary of 3500 i want to have peraonal loan i am acredited kindky help me?

  49. Sir,
    I want to apply loan. My salary is 4500+ accomodation. Now am in Abu dhabi. Please reply or call 0525141239

  50. Hi sir
    Am Gurmeet Singh my monthly income 3300 I need the lone you tell me sir my mobile number 0522909316 please sir contact me

  51. Dear

    My salary is 3800 + housing+food allownce + co mantain car

    1500 AED salary transfer in UAE exchange and rest salary amount i receive by cheque

    so i eligible to get loan

  52. Hi! this is Gabriel working in dunia finance under Innovations outsource compNY. My salary is 3750 and transferred in ADCB. Am I eligible for personal loan? Thanks

  53. Hi I want to apply loan my salary is AED 3,650/Basic not included overtime and free all like accommodation transportation and food, It is qualified to loan in DIB?

  54. Dear sir

    I need loan my company is dulsco
    Salray 3000+2000 incentive is possable to get loan please let me know
    Nabeel chombakada

  55. My basic salary is 3000 aed. Is it possible to apply a personal loan ..?

  56. Sir i have 2500 salary.which bank i van apply a personal loan?

  57. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    this is Thamimul Ansari i need to get credit card for adib my salary 3004 , without salary transfer. due to i have already account in DIB with personal loan also.

    So please advise if possible to get credit card

  58. dear sir good day

    i would like to apply the loan in adib bank my salary is AED 3000 but my company in not listed the loan sir can i get the loan sir

  59. dear Sir ,

    Good Day ,

    i just want to know that my salary is AED: 3000 /- i want to apply for personal loan but my company is not listed i can get loan sir ..

  60. Can i take loan in adib .. my salary is 4000… what i will do.. if possible… thank u

  61. Good day!

    hi sir i have already a loan from adib and i still have 2 yrs to pay the remaining balance, i just want to know if their an option for re applying for a loan again thank you

  62. my salary is Basic 4500 + company aaccomodation its possible loan?

  63. Dear sir

    Good morning my salary 6000+ plus and my company Group,Dubai I have already account from ADIB I can take loan from ADIB

  64. Dear Admin i have Saving account in ADIB and my salary transfered in same account my salary is 5500 AED can i apply for personal loan and how much i can get the amount

  65. Sir/ ma’am

    How can i pay the balance of my personal loan in adib?

  66. Shaik mohammed saleem

    Hi sir my salary is 2200 +accomodation+inentives how much i can. Get loan sir tel me pls

  67. Hi if ever i will transfer my salary in ADIB I can avail for personal loan? Salary is 3,500AED

  68. Hi If ever I transfer my salary to ADIB is it possible I can avail for personal loan?Salary is 3,500

  69. Hi I need to get the personal loan from ADIB is it possible my salary is AED 3500 and my current account with DIB so can I get is from these bank at the same time

  70. I work for Samsung Gulf Electronics under TASC outsourcing visa. am i eligible to get loan? If yes how much maximum I can apply for ?

  71. my total salary 3120 + company accomdation +transport can possible personal loan in any bank

  72. My fix salary is 4603 uar darham i need personal loan from adib please cantact me.mobile no.0506819028

  73. My Basic salary is 2750 & mobile allowance is 200 & air ticket is 95. This i am getting every month and with over time i am getting 4150. Free accommodation and transportation. Can i apply for a loan ?

  74. Dear Sir,

    i want a loan of AED 25000/- and my salary is Basic 3000 + other allowance 1500, Total= 4500 Can i get loan

  75. My salary is 3850 AED ,i have no Bank account in ADIB ,please send info about account opening zaid

    • Dear zaid,

      please visit nearest ADIB bank with below document o start a savings bank account in UAE

      Original passport – for Joint Accounts, please bring all original passports and all account holders should be present
      Valid Emirates ID (for UAE Nationals & Residents)
      A salary certificate from your employer is required only if you are transferring you salary to this account

  76. Sir,
    My salary is Aed 3500. Can I get loan from DIB. But our company is not listed with DIB. Or from any other bank can I apply.

    • Dear Wilson,

      To get Dib loan it is requored to transfer salary

      • Hi sir
        I have contacted DIB and ready to transfer salary to DIB account. But bank told that our company is not listed. Can you please, help me with Any DIB contact number.


  77. i want to apply for personal loan and my basic salary is 3000 , but thet deposit my salary in other bank if possible tha i can apply a personal loan even i dont have account adib?

  78. I just inq with ADIB and they confirmed that the min salary for personal load/personal finance is 8k for salary transferred and 12k and above if not salary transferred.

    • Dear Souza,
      ADIB recently change required basic salary from 3000 AED to 8000 AED. If your salary less than 5000 please refer and check DIB personal loan

  79. Hi,

    I am interested to apply for a personal loan in ADIB
    My salary is 3650 excluding accommodation and transport.

  80. For DIB, if my company is not listed, can I still apply for personal loan?

  81. Sebastian marcus

    Hi im getting a basic salary of AED 2000 + overtime totally im getting AED 3422 with free accommodation transport and medical. Am I eligible to get AED 25000 personal loan

    • Dear sebastiam,

      If your you have minimum basic salary 3000 without overtime them you are eligible for personal loan

  82. My salary is3500+ accomadation.I need personal loan.what is the maximum amount I get?

    • Dear Bijo,

      Minimum Basic salary to get adib personal loan in uae has been changed fromm 3000 AED to 8000 AED. please refer Dubai Islamic bank personal loan if your salary is less than 5000

  83. my salary is 3500+ accomadation,i need personal loan from adib .what is the maximum amount i got ?

    • Dear bijo

      Adib basic salary requirememt changes from 3000 Aed to 8000 aed..webrequest uou to check with dubai islamic bank personal loan

  84. My monthly income is Aeb 3150/- it is eligible for personal loan?

  85. Hi!

    I would like to inquire if I can avail of a Personal Loan/Emergency Loan and what are the requirements.

    I am earning a salary of AED 4,700.00, year-end bonus with appraisal (I got AED 3,000 for this year) , yearly roundtrip ticket (AED 4,100) and 30 days paid annual leave.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Dear Reeen,

      we are not providing any loan directly. we are only publisher. through gcc guide we guide you to choose best loan available in gulf countries especially in united arab emirates.we listed here all loan provided by leading banks and financing company in uae.we kindly request you to sort best loan as per requirement from our list. you can also use our Mortgage calculator to check down payment

  86. Muhammad nadeem

    Dear sir,
    I have 4500 salary. I need parsnoal loan.can you help me.

  87. sudarshana saman

    I need to get loan

  88. Ronelito Lagrisola

    I want to avail loan in adib

  89. Ronelito Lagrisols

    My monthly income morethan 4000 it is eligible to get a loan in ADIB

  90. I want to take loan
    My account is in the adib

  91. I want loan

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